We are the brain behind total child training, starting early in life. We are involved in all aspects of child development and healthy living in a child-friendly and conducive environment.


  • Homely conducive and comfortable environment for child training.
  • Highly experienced child care experts to attend and care for babies.
  • Qualified Teachers.
  • Swimming classes available under strict supervision.
  • Provision of disposable diapers for babies.
  • Potty training
  • Entertainment station for kids
  • After school services for kids
  • Provision of treated water
  • Provision of balanced diet meals (Breakfast and/or launch)
  • Medical services available
  • Language classes e.g. French classes
  • Music Classes
  • Games classes e.g. Scrabble, Chess, and Dance Classes.


  • To produce well trained : morally and academically sound future leaders.
  • To help young minds improve in their area of strength.
  • To give the best childhood training to children at an early age so that when they are old, they will not depart from it.
  • To produce highly intelligent pupils.
  • To develop children to become all-rounded in the following areas; academics, welfare, sports, spiritual and social life.
  • To bring the best out of pupils for a brighter future.