Admission is opened to all pupils from age one year six months to ten years; the following classes are available with corresponding age limit.


1. Little learners One year plus
2. Pre Nursery Two years plus
3. Nursery One Three years plus
4. Nursery Two Four years plus
5. Grade One Five years plus
6. Grade Two Six years plus
7. Grade Three Seven years plus
8. Grade Four Eight years plus
9. Grade Five Nine years plus

Admission shall be at the beginning of the term with the presentation of the pupil’s last report sheet. There shall be an entry examination so as to determine which class the pupil will be admitted into. Admission shall become authentic after all payments have been made to the school account.

To Enrol your child/ward at Freshwaters International Schools, CLICK HERE to download the application form, fill the form and submit at the school.