The curriculum in use is the integrated curriculum to cater for the basic need of the pupils, various subjects such as civic education and sexuality education had been added to the new national curriculum.The curriculum is more challenging as more subjects had been categorized under each class of subject.

The school offers the following subjectts:

English Studies

Speaking fluently and clearly is the ultimate, therefore pupils are involve in interclass debate and scrabble to improve their spoken English and presentation skills. There is much emphasis on vocabulary development and phonics.


Mathematics is made easy by the friendly tutors in the school. A Four year old is expected to write 1-100, simple fraction will be taught in grade 1.


We learn foreign and indigenous languages in the school such as French and Yoruba. Children are expected to master the accurate pronunciation while reading, presenting, speaking, reciting and writing in the language. German will be introduced in the nearest future.


Pupils learn how to sing and make melody with the tonic sofa notes. They learn how to use various musical instruments such as recorder, flute, drum, piano etc in a conducive and friendly environment.


There is a greater focus on programming recently .From age 5, pupils will learn to write simple programs and to organize, store and retrieve data .From age 6, they will be taught how the computer works ,the computer networks and the internet.


Teaching of science is not done in abstract in the school, scientific knowledge and language is focus on plant and animal. This will be taught in Nursery Two, types of soil will be taught in grade 1.